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We just finished serving in the U.S. Peace Corps as Volunteers in Bulgaria. For a two year term, we worked on a wide range of projects dealing with development and youth. 

We have taken to heart the ideals of the Peace Corps, and have developed this mission to facilitate youth development/education projects and to give a more accurate representation of who Americans really are. 

In the process of both giving and receiving knowledge and understanding, it is our mission to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We plan to partner with organizations in the countries we pass through to create projects for the benefit of the local youth populations. 

Living abroad and volunteering has brought us the insight of an international perspective, which is not entirely shared with most people back home in America. It's our ultimate goal to expand on that and bring our learning, with respect to different cultures and people, back to our home communities.

Andrew Judkins Timothy Wade
Vancouver, Washington Baltimore, Maryland
BS in Science - Portland State University BA in Communications - Wheaton
3rd Degree Black Belt - Taekwondo Certified Crisis Counselor
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Our combined accomplishments:

·        Organized and implemented English based discussion groups for over 100 kids ages 10 to 25 with varying themes including: the environment, human trafficking, personal development skills, gender equality, drug use, tolerance, and democracy in action.

·        Taught formal English classes to 127 Bulgarian teens.

·        Taught wilderness survival skills to a group of 50 Scouts.

·        Taught environmental awareness via fairy tales to 25 Bulgarian kindergarteners.

·        Organized a Thanksgiving Day feast for 40 Bulgarian orphans.

·        Participated in the creation of an English audio book to be used to educate and test English at the Bulgarian Naval Academy .

·        Facilitated a one-week summer camp for 25 children in a small village.

·        Received funding from USAID through the Small Project Assistance program for multiple projects involving youth and environmental education.

·        Organized three fundraising soccer tournaments, raising over 200 BGN for the GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) summer camp.

·        Arranged a 6-week personal development skills course for 15 young women.

·        Directed 15 young people, ages 14 to 18 and preformed during Kavarna’s International Theater Festival.

·        Taught sport to a group of 25 Roma students, ages 10 to 14.

·        Organized summer soccer camp for 30 Romanian street children.

·        Extensive travel experience, totaling 50 countries visited and 6 years being abroad.

·        Advanced proficiency level of the Bulgarian language.

·        Able to communicate in other Slavic languages, including Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, and Slovenian.

·        Basic knowledge of the Spanish language.